Why Use Weatherall Chinking

10 Good Reasons Why Weatherall Chinking is Your Best Choice From Start to Finish

  1. Some products are too soft, making them messy and difficult to work with. Weatherall chinking products give you clean lines and crisp edges. They are exactly the right consistency for smooth, even application.
  2. Some products will slump or deform during application or curing. Weatherall chinking products go on easily, cure quickly, and stay where you put them.
  3. Some products won’t adhere properly and may tear easily. Weatherall chinking products go on right the first time. They are tenacious adhesives and have the greatest tensile strength of any product on the market.
  4. Some products are easily damages or soiled while curing. Weatherall chinking products’ faster curing time is your best protection against damage and reduce the chances of soiling due to jobsite dust and dirt.
  5. Some products are made of synthetic rubber. How does Weatherall chinking products compare? Weatherall chinking products are formulated with a precise blend of the highest quality latex acrylics. They are more durable, and in actual usage, have proven to consistently outlast synthetic rubber-based products. They are specifically designed to give you superior weathering, adhesive and flexing characteristics, and will require little or no maintenance for many years to come.
  6. Some products will blister due to out-gas. Weatherall chinking products, when used in conjunction with Weatherall’s unique Tri-Rod® Back Rod, permanently eliminate problems related to out-gas.
  7. Some products have a synthetic, glossy appearance. Weatherall chinking products can be tooled to achieve the finish you prefer, from semi-smooth to rough. Even upon close inspection, Weatherall chinking products have the beautiful textured look of old mortar.
  8. Some products are inconsistent and lacking in quality control. Weatherall 1010 was the first all acrylic latex textured chinking on the market. We are now in the second decade of production and application. Our consistent standards and reliable quality have made Weatherall 1010 the first choice of thousands of log home contractors, applicators, and owners throughout the world.
  9. Some products are manufactured by companies that are not prepared to offer ongoing assistance and support. Weatherall chinking products are made by Weatherall Company, Inc. We maintain a staff of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. We are readily available to answer your questions and we’ll do our best to be helpful when you need advice or assistance.
  10. Some products are sold by companies that treat chinking as a secondary product. Weatherall chinking products are designed as an integral element in Weatherall’s total log home sealant system. Recognized as the best overall system in the industry.